The leopard һᴜпtіпɡ ѕtгаteɡу went bankrupt: The bird miraculously eѕсарed deаtһ from the leopard’s claws hiding in the long grass

Jaw-dropping footage shows a quick-witted bird escape the clutches of a hungry leopard hiding in the long grass.

The incredible clip, filmed in a safari park in the Serengeti in Tanzania, shows the predator leap into the air seconds after the stork realises it is being hunted.

But the agile bird manages to escape just in time – frantically flapping away inches from the leopard’s claws.

Incredible moment bird makes escape from hungry leopard in Tanzania

The footage, filmed by a pair of Australian tourists, begins with the stork happily wandering around in the long grass.

Seconds later, it starts flapping and takes off at breakneck speed – and it quickly becomes apparent why.

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A cunning leopard had cleverly concealed itself in the undergrowth and springs into the air after the stork.

But it can’t reach it in time and the bird gets away.

Predator: The leopard waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on the unsuspecting bird

Prey: The stork struts through the long grass seconds before the leopard attempts the deadly move

Lauren O’Dea, 32, from New South Wales, filmed the clip while exploring with her safari companion Paul Rifkin, 60.

‘On our last day in the Serengeti as we were slowly making our way out there was not a lot action,’ she said.

‘And then we were lucky enough to spot a leopard in the grass, and just several metres away a stork was minding its own business.

‘I wasn’t sure how long the leopard would take to pounce, and as she started to move through the grass I lost sight of her.

Time to strike: The leopard seconds before it tries to grab hold of the startled stork in Tanzania

The stork is inches from death as the leopard outstretches its sharp claws to tear it from the air

‘I quickly turned my camera on and started filming the stork, and then it all happened.

‘The leopard flew out of the grass and reached out for the stork as it flapped its wings for its life.

Mission not accomplished: The stork frantically flies away from the snarling leopard

‘Missing by just millimetres, the leopard landed in the grass and defeated, retreated back to a tree.

‘It was such an exhilarating moment to witness and Paul and I were lucky enough to capture it.’

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